“How much would we have to pay you to…” That’s what we want to know.  Dares make life more exciting — if you don’t know that then your kids do.

But sometimes my “dare threshold” falls above what our friends can collectively pool at the local bar.  How much would they have to pay you to knuckle around like a gorilla in front of the bar for 10 minutes?  50 bucks you say.  But they only had 20.  That’s a problem.  Until the internet.  Now the question is, “how much would the nation have to pay you…”  Pretty soon, you can imagine, there will be an internet video of someone doing their best gorilla in a public place.

The nation paypals us, then we paypal you.  That simple.  If you have the guts, you get the dough.

So propose a dare.  If your dare has some stick, maybe someone from Kansas will chip in a dollar. Pretty soon, you’ll be looking at a sweet reward for some old fashion knee slapping.  Or take on one of the daily dares.  Maybe your dignity is just below the threshold.  Hey, I’d wear a fat suit in Union Square for $20.


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