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Today’s Dare: Make and eat a Spam castle.

28 Jun

..Donate $7Donate $3….|……Present Value: $20Claim your prize!

.….….| ……….

What is it, you may have wondered?  Part building material, part food, it turns out.  So build your best Spam castle — it must be castle-like! — then devour it as if you were Spamzilla.  Leave no castle block uneaten to claim your prize.  Happy building, and bon apetit.


Today’s Dare: Run through Union Square in a Fat suit

24 Jun

Donate $7….Donate $3..|……Present Value: $20Claim your prize!

.....….| ……….

See those tourists lounging in the grass?  They look a bit too comfortable.  And those musicians on the corner?  Where are their fat dancers?  If you have the courage, we have the suit.  Now get out there and strut your plump.

Dare: Profess your love for your SO with a poem in a gorilla suit.

28 May

Completed for $20!


Dare: Stay in a 200-man pillow fight for 4 hours.

14 Feb

Completed for 60$!